Detached Villa for sale in Torremolinos


If you’re looking for a Detached Villa for sale in Torremolinos, you’ve found it: Detached villa, located in access by the famous Camino del Pilar (A-7050) that joins Churriana with Torremolinos (Altos de Playamar-La Colina), its location is privileged, located at the edge of Malaga with Torremolinos, where its views they are completely clear towards the sea, where the Sun is present from the time you get up until you lie down, 4 minutes from Torremolinos and 4 minutes from Churriana, where the Plaza Mayor or IKEA Leisure Center are located a few minutes away. Very quiet, a commonwealth of independent chalets.

The conditions of the property, like the rest of adjoining chalets, are very discreet, which provides a sense of absolute privacy is a house that has an absolute harmony, by the type of landscape that can be seen from the Master Bedroom, Attic, Living room or Veranda.

Access to the car can be made from Torremolinos or from the access of the MA-21 Churriana Exit.
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